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Okonite is America's oldest existing independent manufacturer of wire and cable. For over 130 years we have been the foremost provider of quality insulated cable products to the electric industry. Since 1976, Okonite has operated under an Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT) form of ownership.

Okonite's manufacturing facilities include six plants across the United States, which have the capability to produce a full line of insulated cable products ranging from 300V to 345kV. Three of which can produce Okoguard EPR insulated cables offering our customers triple redundancy on many items.

At Okonite, we believe in continuous modernization and lean manufacturing programs which have resulted in a series of plant expansions and upgrades. These initiatives have added to our capacity as well as improved manufacturing efficiencies. We invite you to come see any of our facilities and get a first-hand look at what Okonite is doing to support the electric industry.

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Orangeburg SC Compound Plant

Okonite manufactures all thermoset insulation and jacketing compounds in-house. We believe strongly that this is the only way to maintain the highest quality finished cable products. The Compound Plant is where we produce compounds that are integral to our Okoguard EPR insulation system. This modern facility uses a "closed loop" system for maximum cleanliness in insulation compounds.


Orangeburg SC Manufacturing Plant

The Orangeburg Manufacturing Plant (511,000 Sq Ft) can produce a wide array of products, including Okonite's Okoguard EPR insulated cables. Even though this is our newest plant, ongoing continuous improvement programs have added capacity and efficiency.




Santa Maria CA

The Santa Maria Plant (500,000 Sq Ft) recently underwent a major expansion which enables Okonite to better service our customers. This plant also manufactures a wide array of products and also produces Okoguard EPR insulated cables.

Richmond KY

Our Richmond plant (630,000 Sq Ft) can produce a broad range of cable types including Okoguard EPR cables, Armored cables (such as CLX or Loxarmor), Railroad signal cable and control cable.




Cumberland RI

To meet the unprecedented growth in demand for Okonite CLX and non-armored Instrumentation, Power and Control Cables, our new 330,640 Sq Ft facility in Cumberland RI is now complete. This new plant, located just 3 miles from our existing facility in Ashton RI, will utilize our existing skilled workforce but will entail completely new, modern, high-speed, state-of-the art manufacturing equipment.



Paterson NJ

The Paterson plant manufactures paper insulated products. These include PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Covered) cables, LPG (Low Pressure Gas) cables, and Pipe Type UG Transmission Systems such as: HPGF (High Pressure Gas Filled), HPFF (High Pressure Fluid Filled), and SCLF (Self Contained Liquid Filled) systems from 69kV to 345kV. A recent expansion involving new equipment at this plant resulted in a 50%+ increase in capacity.

New Jersey

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