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Use dashes in Product Codes
When searching for specific Product Codes, use the 3-2-4 format with the dashes;


Use multiple words
Use multiple words when performing your search. The search results will return more refined results from several words than from a single word. For example, typing okoguard okolon cable will yield more relevant results than typing only cable. (Keep in mind, relevant results are returned even if they don't contain all query terms.)


Use quotation marks
Use quotation marks to find words which must appear adjacent to each other, for example, "ampacity tables" Otherwise, the search results will include pages with the word ampacity OR the word tables. 



Use similar words
The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results you will get back.


Use plus (+) or minus (-)
Use a plus sign when your search term or phrase must appear in the search results. Use a minus sign to indicate undesirable term(s). The plus sign tells the search engine that a certain word or phrase is required in the search results, and a minus sign indicates that a word or phrase must be absent in the search results.

Note: A phrase must be contained within quotation marks. Leave no spaces between the plus or minus sign and the term.



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